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Assopompe and Europump at the 2022 European meeting

Apr 11, 2022 | Events

Assopompe and Europump are preparing for the 2022 European meeting In this year’s appointment we will talk about the circular economy together with the European associations Ceir and Pneurop Europump, the European association of hydraulic pump manufacturers – of which Assopompe is a member – is preparing to participate in the Unified Europump, Ceir and Pneurop Conference, scheduled in Brussels on 10 May. This edition will focus on the theme of the circular economy.

The program schedule of the event will see the analysis of the EU legal framework, with case studies that highlight the direct impact on the sector. In the context of the circular economy, sector representatives will present success stories on how this new paradigm is positively influencing their production activities.

Vanni Vignoli, president of Europump, declares «In the parallel session together with Ceir and Pneurop, we will discuss circular economy and eco-design, sustainability, digital transformation and industrial innovation. We are very happy to be an active part of this event and we look forward to a large participation »