GMP pumps

GMP Pumps value


The experience of our engineering department can provide the best solution for every design need.

High performances

Innovation and research of new solutions, that’s how we develop every day the performance of our products.


Our pumps, built with very high quality materials and technologies, are guaranteed to last over time.

GMP Pumps, production pumps since 1971

GMP Pumps, manufactures and markets pumps for industry, agriculture,
ship, building, civil construction and fire equipments.

GMP produces and markets pumps for industry, agriculture, shipyards, civil construction and firefighting. GMP offers very high quality products and a complete choice of services: design, technical support to identify the most suitable product, technical inspections, estimation, an accurate and punctual after-sales assistance with repairs, maintenance, restoration also onsite and spare parts.

GMP Pumps | Produzione pompe GUSSAGO (Bs)


To complete the broad selection of pumps, GMP offer to its clients various types of accessories.

Special applications

GMP Pumps designs and manufactures pumps according to the needs of its customers, offering solutions to meet the most particular requirements!