GMP pumps


To complete the broad selection of pumps, GMO offer to its clients various types of accessories such as, trolleys, frames, varied fittings, delivery and draw pump pipes, and control panels. GMP always provides the client with its own engineering department for the choice of the materials by which the accessories are produced.



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GMP has trolleys for manual transport, construction site towing and road trolleys (approval by customer), special chassis with built-in fuel tank and painted steel cages.

Pipes in pvc and synthetic rubber


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GMP features various types of pipe to fulfill the diverse client demands:

  • draw pipe in plasticized PVC with spiral steel reinforcement inserted, lightweight and very handy flat
  • delivery pipe in plasticized PVC, lightweight and very handy.

GMP pipes are very resistant to abrasion and atmospheric agents with employ temperatures from – 10°C to +60°C.

Fittings, suction strainers, foot valves


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To fully satisfy the client demand and follow him or her in the complete choice of a product, GMP provides a series of simple and curved fittings, strainers and galvanized steel foot valves, necessary for the realization of a hydraulic plant.

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