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A strong recovery in 2021 for the pump sector

Dec 21, 2021 | News

In a year of positive trend for Italian mechanics, the plus sign also returns for the pump sector, represented by Assopompe – federated association Anima Confindustria. 2021 has outlined a return to pre-pandemic Covid-19 values, with moderate optimism also for 2022.

Based on the data processed by the Anima Confindustria Studies Office, the turnover at the end of 2021 could reach 2.3 billion euros – up by + 14.1% compared to the previous year – of which about two thirds coming from from export. The president of Assopompe Stefano Sampaolo stated that “In 2020, despite the lockdown, the pump sector suffered a minor setback compared to other mechanical sectors, as it was linked to indispensable projects on infrastructures and public works. Today we can say that last year’s decline will be reabsorbed with the growth of 2021 “. The districts that led the sector the most were construction, HoReCa, textile industry, automotive, metalworking, shipbuilding, refining and electricity generation. Sampaolo also stated that “Construction incentives in recent years have also given a boost to the pump market. As for the Oil & Gas market, the conversion into renewable energy to be obtained by 2030 seems not to be so immediate, so the oil sector will still be decisive for the next 5-6 years. In the meantime, the Assopompe member companies are working to ensure new products for the reconversion and use of renewable sources, in addition to the latest generation pumps that guarantee enormous energy and water savings”.

In the domestic market, the pump sector in 2020 had a turnover of 910 million euros and for this year it is estimated to reach approximately one billion, of which 66% produced in Italy and 34% abroad. “It is an encouraging figure, due to an increase in sales of products that are technologically advanced – through, for example, engineering and digitalization of components – but the growth in turnover is partly due to the increase in the prices of raw materials. and inflation, which apparently inflate sales. Furthermore, despite the decline in the number of businesses due to closures, the remaining companies on the market have strengthened. A little concern could arouse the accumulation of finished products in warehouses, because our customers are afraid of the lack of raw materials and microchips in the future. Starting from 2022, this could create a rebound effect that could slow down production and growth».

President Stefano Sampaolo concludes “We have a great opportunity, given by the NRP, to improve the country’s energy efficiency and technological innovation. Assopompe is already in dialogue with public and private entities for an industrial and technological renewal in Italy, with particular attention to projects concerning the modernization of water networks”.

[source: Assopompe]