For the home sector GMP offers a complete assortment of products to cover the many needs, among which: pressurization of plants, with increase of pressure for domestic water distribution, gardening and irrigation, greywater disposal from domestic discharge such as showers, sinks, washing machines, drainage of rain water collecting tanks from gutters and driveway slides, emptying of containment pits.

Our qualified personnel is available to advice which product might be more performing for any need, it’s possible to choose between outdoor electric pumps, self-priming jet type and submersible pumps for clear or waste waters. Our submersible pumps are equipped with engines in oil-bath for a long lasting lifespan of the motor, versions with float for automatic pump start are also available, with the choice between backward impeller vortex type or single-channel (both with solid passage up to a diameter of 45 millimeters), and they feature a stainless steel carter for a greater time corrosion resistance, with self-lubricated for life shielded bearings

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