GMP pumps for gardening are ideal tools withdraw, transfer or discharge water. Their efficiency and reliability is the result of unique knowhow and experience, acquired over tens of years. Our gardening products are useful for multiple employs and applications, from the maintenance of garden ponds, to the management and use of wells cisterns and tanks for rain water collection and distribution, designed and produced for flow or sprinkler irrigation. Our product offer includes the most diverse solutions: hand pumps like those of our Excar and Elephas series, pumps motorized by electric or internal combustion engines, such as the centrifugal TRL series, with gasoline Yamaha engine, electric submersible multi-impeller pumps for 4 and 8 inch wells and electric pumps for irrigation plants, as for the G1Z and the Jet Inox series, up to the motor pumps for orchard irrigation, as the series of self-priming motor pumps KQ-A with gasoline engine. GMP also provides an expert and qualified advice to evaluate together with the client the most suitable choice, our after-sales assistance assures the purchase future peace of mind, with an always accurate spare parts service and on-site technical intervention.

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