In construction the use of pumps is fundamental, both in the building phase for the drainage of excavations, and in the phase of the construction of the plants. Our self-priming and submersible pumps are the result of more than 50 years of experience and competence, designed and produced with last generation technologies and absolute quality materials. Pumps are applied for the management of clear, dirty or sandy waters and the drainage for construction in general, with hydraulic performances up to a maximum flow of 500 mc/n. GMP disposes of pumps in the Semi trash (ST) version with special 3 shovel impeller, to permit a wide passage for solids, equipped with stainless steel wear disk to preserve the pump body and an inspection hatch easily accessible for a comfortable machine maintenance and cleaning. GMP also offers electric pumps for the pressurization of plants, for the emptying and the collecting of septic and sewage tanks, self-priming diesel motor pumps and submersible electric pumps for quick emptying of construction excavations. The technical and after-sales assistance is always thoughtful to the client needs.

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