In agriculture there two main irrigation modes: the flooding irrigation, where there is no need for pressure and the main factor is the water flow; and the pressure irrigation or drip irrigation, where find application centrifugal pumps, suited to satisfy important pressures of plants with flexible or mobile pipes. Both for the flooding irrigation and the pressure one, the solution can be the use of motor pumps or pumps to apply to agricultural machinery coupling by cardan joint.
In the agriculture sector the use of diesel or gasoline motor pumps and pumps with multiplier and hydraulic engine is of great importance. These versions have many fields of application, from irrigation to tank discharging, to intake from waterways to supply drip and flooding plants or to activate sprinklers. Thanks to its long experience and competence, GMP can offer a very extensive assortment of agriculture products, designed and realized to provide the best performances and satisfy the most varied client needs in the agricultural field.

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